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About Us

Launched in 2015, Mixd Vapor Co was founded on the basic principal of offering a high valued product for an affordable price. Our E-Liquid menu is a lineup of products fine tuned over many years. We have put time, expertise, and customer feedback into our mixing processes, ensuring each flavor is as good as the last! Mixd Vapor Co is a MIXDLABS company, whom is FDA and BBB recognized. Our goal is to assist adult individuals, new and veteran users alike, with our low priced, high quality E-Liquid products.


Lets face it! Shipping costs are inconvenient. That's why we offer free and fast shipping on every purchase $19.99 or over!


We work with third party payment vendors to offer you a wide variety of payment arrangements, security, and peace of mind. 


Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. If there is ever a question, concern, issue, or anything in between, just contact us! 


Since 2015, we have been specialized in offering top shelf products at an affordable price. Why pay more if you don't have to?